Company Profile

Since 1997 Bavaria Corporation has been developing skin care products based on studies regarding Bio-Activate Ferment and other skin forming products. Bavaria Corporation has been selling these products under the brand name of Plando.

The creationary of Bavaria Corporation are to ensure consumers obtain exquisite and high-quality products, and to show its sincerity, trust and professional devotion so as to gain more feedback from consumers and everlasting operation. Our company’s products are high-technology skin beautification formulae with skin repair effects that common cosmetic products can’t achieve, and deeply nurture targeting skin problems for you to show charming splendor.

This series of products are researched and developed using the latest biochemical technology, which has been developed targeting skin needs under our modern social environment. It enables skin to resist various external danger and challenges and constantly maintain skin’s ideal youthful state. We have several high-purity products with beautifying, whitening, anti-oxidization, long-lasting moisturizing, repair and facial brightening purposes, and are mild and have treatment effects suitable for various channels to purchase and sell, and for both domestic and overseas markets.

Our products are 100% natural, safe for all ages, PH neutral and are highly concentrated which minimizes waste.
Currently we are looking for businesses to market our products in whole of the world.